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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday already!

For lunch I had a small portion of the chilli I made yesterday (with chips this time) and tonight I ate this pastrami salad with a (shop bought) spelt, goat's cheese and roasted carrot salad mix. I thought the roasted carrot was really tasty and sweet. It was delicious - especially with the rye mix bread.
I can't help wondering if I was craving crunchy food but ... only a salad would do? We haven't had a salad for a while now, and I was thinking I must have been missing them despite the cold snap, and our recent soups/stews. Better than craving chocolate I suppose!
Tomorrow I'm going to make a soup - something different, not sure what that will be just yet.
We've been trying out our new pressure cooker, and made a spicy beef chilli yesterday which took just 30 minutes to cook. The meat was so tender. I don't know why I was so afraid of cooking with it? It's a great alternative to the slow cooker, and I was impressed with the result. I thought the texture of the food might be compromised - but I was wrong. I'll be using it again soon as it's a very economical way to cook.

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