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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bread and cheese

A perfect combination -- and here's my very ordinary lunch. It's great that nothing is banned while we're losing weight, and having what we want is a BIG part of our success.
It's funny how we get into habits - and I used to think a cheese sandwich was high in calories! When I checked I found a boiled egg contained the same amount of calories as 20g of grated cheddar cheese - both with 80 calories. So today I opted for what I really fancied. Just be careful when buying shop bought sandwiches though - as some of these are loaded with cheese and can contain lots of calories.
For dinner, we are having the potato skins that were left over from the mashed potato at the weekend. I might sprinkle mine with cheese and eat them with baked beans, egg and mushrooms. The baked beans will replace the beef burger this time, as we've eaten quite a bit of meat over the last few days. Hopefully we'll manage a short walk before eating dinner.
After nipping to the shops to try on a couple of things, I am more excited than ever at the possibility of reaching a new clothes size over the next few months. This is mainly because of my waist getting smaller. Even I can see a difference - and being a woman, that's saying something! Roll on - or should I say roll off - downsizing.
So if you're fed up with diet failure - and (like us) just want to lose weight while eating all your favourite foods, take a look at OUR METHOD. Losing 6.5 stone has been such an achievement, but losing it this way has been a pleasure!!
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