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Thursday, 15 November 2012


We've both lost a lot of fat from around our bodies. But, noticeably, the fat has been lost in places that it was never lost before (when attempting yet another restrictive 'diet'). I know that sounds strange, but that's the reality. Take my other half - his first 3 stone weight loss didn't seem to make much difference to his shape. But, his shape seemed to change drastically over the next stone or so of weight loss. My shape has changed quite a lot recently too. Both of us are finding it difficult to fit into smaller clothes in our (once) favourite clothes store because the 'cut' doesn't suit our shape any more. I was trying on clothes today and quite pleased with the result. No, I was very pleased. There's still some way to go, but my new shape is becoming more noticeable - even to me now. I mentioned in an earlier post that my body 'fat' content today is LOWER than it was (weight for weight) when I was following some 'diet'.
What I love about the way we have lost weight, is that we haven't 'suffered' or deprived ourselves of anything. We've enjoyed ourselves, lived life to the full, and kept this little (or should I say big) weight loss project going along - simmering in the background. It takes patience, and a good leap of faith - but that's our choice and we're happy doing it, because it works. Every time we clock up a small calorie deficit, we now realise this is going towards our long term weight loss target.
When I used to 'diet', which would often involve quite a lot of low-fat processed foods, I lost a bit of weight, but my shape never really changed. Generally I would also take in some kind of aerobic activity too. Unfortunately, once the 'diet' finished I then always put all the weight back on. Now things are different. I ditched 'low fat' processed foods and choose walking as my preferred exercise. When I 'dieted' I would actively have to tell people I had lost a few pounds. But not any more - people are noticing our weight loss, and often approach us with the question... 'how much weight have you lost', and telling us we look great.
We were listening to a radio programme the other day, and someone was talking about the effects of sugar on the body. We had noticed lower-fat alternative processed foods seemed to contain higher sugar quantities. We also noticed that whenever we ate sugary foods, we usually wanted more. Now we are more aware, we just make sure we know what we are eating.
Going back to the fat loss, I really believe that because we are eating natural foods - containing natural fats, we feel more satisfied. I do not sit and think I need to devour the entire contents of the fridge or biscuit tin (like I used to when I was on some crazy diet). I feel satiated because I've eaten some really filling and tasty food. Because we know we can eat whatever we want to eat and no food is forbidden, it's easier to see food for what it is.
Fat loss has occurred all over the body - disappearing around the circumference as a whole. As I near my 'target' weight, I am now experiencing greater fat loss around my stomach area which is really exciting. My partner has already achieved this. I'm really excited about the fat loss, as I always assumed it was something that I would never achieve because of my age. It's this FAT LOSS that has most surprised me, and it has gradually disappeared without the usual 'diet' heartache.
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