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Monday, 14 May 2012

Lemon sole - 350 calories

After a fabulous weekend and a few treats along the way, we're more than ready to return to our 'good' days.  We are still drooling over the extensive cream tea!  Part of our philosophy is to have what we want, and not to deprive ourselves of anything.  A little of what we fancy now and again is always good!  Today, after a filling crab sandwich for lunch, we were after something lighter for dinner.  This fish dish was fast food at its best.  Everything was in season and tasted fantastic.
Along the coastal walk, we found a fishmonger, and purchased some wonderfully fresh lemon sole fillets and a whole crab.  The freshest fish ever.  The owner's husband was out on the boat that very minute, fishing for his next catch.  What better accompaniment for our lemon sole, than seasonal asparagus, and locally grown new crop potatoes.  The potatoes took the longest to cook, the asparagus 4 minutes.  The fish was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and lightly dusted with plain flour before being fried for literally a couple of minutes either side.

CALORIE INFORMATION:  Asparagus is virtuous, and 100g will set us back just 20 calories.  It's the same with the lemon sole, where a 130g fillet cost just 125 calories.  The 150g of new potatoes add 105 calories, and the butter/oil/light dusting of flour approx 100 cals.  Total for the meal is approximately 350 calories!  All that flavour ....  Where we saved calories was through not pouring the pan juices onto the plate.  If you added some lemon juice to the leftover oil/butter in the pan, this would make your sauce - restaurants will generally use a lot more butter than we did (10g).  I've allowed quite a few calories for the fat used in cooking but the reality was, most of them were left in the frying pan.  Over the next few days we plan to eat some meat free dishes, which are so much lighter and will put us back on track for continued weightloss.

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