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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lamb chops for tea and all that.

We are extremely pleased that the weight is still slipping off.  In fact, I found some old documents upstairs this morning - a few of my old 'diets' - the slimming club record sheets.  Looking through, it is clear that there was a 'sticking point' where I stopped losing the little weight I had lost and where my weight would bounce up from.  Bounce I did - ever higher.  Currently - without following a diet, but eating the way we do - I realise I managed to smash through that sticking weight (some time ago).  Better still, I've lost more weight and this is continuing downwards.  That's the reality for me.  I will continue our 4/3 eating regime until I've reached a level that I feel comfortable with, which I suspect is a mid-range healthy BMI.

My partner and I didn't realise when we started out with our weightloss idea that we would still be going along with it 15 months later.  Most 'diets' I tried unsuccessfully beforehand were generally no longer than 8 weeks at most.  We originally thought we would lose a stone, then stop.  But, we found our idea was so casual and easy to do that we just kept on going.  Because there is nothing we can't have, it's easy to keep going, and there are no restrictions.  The weightloss is little by little, sustainable and enjoyable and I believe because the weight sneaks down almost imperceptibly, that's where the magic comes in.  Weightloss is not readily noticeable, until a certain amount of fat disappears, then voila - the reflection in the mirror changes.  That happens in stages - we've seen it happen many times.  One minute the body feels like it fights to lose the weight, then we go down another notch on our belts, but the scales don't say anything, then finally the scales agree with the belt.  We can sense when this is going on inside.  We feel differently.  I love the fact that there are no restricted foods at all, so we are able to carry on our social life and join in with everyone else.  I've finally enjoyed eating foods I had forbidden myself for years - forbidden because someone said I shouldn't eat them.  We know what we love to eat - so we eat it now.  If you don't like a certain food, then don't eat it.  I can think of nothing worse than spending my calorie allowance on something I don't enjoy or something I'm told I 'ought' to eat and don't really want.

So what are we eating today?  Well, lunch was a corned beef sandwich, which I made at home.  If I was in a hurry I'd buy one.  Dinner is likely to be freshly cooked lamb chops with new potatoes, sweetcorn and salad.  What we sometimes fail to remember is that we are eating all this lovely food - AND - still losing weight.  So what happens when we reach our goal - we get to eat even more! Brilliant.

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