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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday plan

Last weekend was a meat feast, so we've decided to go for fish today.  As we are going to be quite busy, we're planning a prawn cocktail sandwich for lunch.  This evening we're thinking of eating one of our favourite's - seabream (Dorade).  We'll see what the fishmonger has to offer.  The seabream is irresistible - and packed full of flavour.  We estimate this dish to be around 380 calories! So there's scope for a dessert too. Here's what it looked like last time we cooked it:

We may have a starter, as we fancy some seasonal asparagus with a poached egg.

The seabream was simplicity itself, and very very satisfying.  Each fillet weighed around 100g.  We seasoned the fish skin with salt and lightly dusted with plain flour (tapping off the excess) before cooking it skin side down.  This gives it a nice and crispy skin.  Cook for roughly 2 - 3 minutes then turn it over.  Turn the frying pan heat off, and cook the other side for the same amount of time.  The whole process takes about 6 minutes.  We each had 150g of crushed new potatoes with butter and watercress.   A little butter and salt really does makes this delicious.  I only used around 10g butter for 300g of potatoes, and believe me, this was enough. There were a few broad beans on the side, and some chopped fresh tomatoes which had been warmed through.  I was quite impressed by the tomatoes as it added an acidity to the dish, which was quite nice.  Sprinkle with a little chopped parsley, add a few pea shoots and finish with a generous drizzle of good quality olive oil around.

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