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Sunday, 27 May 2012

When things don't go to plan....

The weather was glorious and we prepared for our barbecue.  An amble to the pub changed everything.  Saturday night became - curry night - and we really enjoyed it too.  It's not something we do all the time, but it was just right for the 'moment'.  We also felt we made some good menu choices too.  For the starter we ate tandoori fish (salmon) which was light and spicy, and for our main we chose a tandoori mixed grill with a dhansak sauce.  We had a naan bread and some mushroom rice. The tandoori mixed grill in particular is HUGE, containing chicken breast and lamb skewers, sheek kebab, and chicken leg. I'm not sure of the calorie content? But - more importantly - we SHARED the dishes. Despite sharing the food, there was quite a bit left over too.

Today, we had the barbecue we had planned for Saturday. All served with some grilled corn cobs, asparagus, and potatoes.  We estimate this to have been about 800 calories.

Had we been on a ''diet'', our Saturday curry would possibly have triggered the end of it. How often in the past have I blown the diet, then proceeded to devour everything in sight. Now, it's a different matter. Yes, we had a curry. That's fine, it's just us socialising and having fun.  We simply remind ourselves - we are not dieting - but tweaking our lifestyle which will allow us to enjoy life while losing weight.

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