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Friday, 10 June 2011

And for the rest of my day............

My rules for eating are to restrain myself to 1500 calories for up to 4 days out of 7, then eat my normal 2200 calorie allowance for the rest of the week. I feel this hoodwinks the body into letting go of fat in the long run. Well it's worked for me. Losing one pound per week on average while NOT eating diet foods is proof it works.

Today I had full fat greek yoghurt and raspberries for breakfast. Lunch was a simple affair, and I loved the poached eggs so much yesterday that I had another with toast (and yes, butter) and baked beans. I snacked on a couple of biscuits (not digestive but morning coffee) as I fancied something sweet. Each biscuit was 20 calories each, and enjoyed this with fresh coffee.

Food total so far today is just under 600 cals:

Breakfast 159 cals
Lunch about 380 cals
Snack/coffee 60 cals

This leaves me with 900 cals if I restrict my day or 1600 cals left to eat and drink if I say this is a "normal" day. As I plan to go out and see some friends I think this will be a 2200 calorie day for me, as it's Friday this is usually the case.

We are going to have a jacket potato with moroccan chicken. I made a lovely slow cooked moroccan chicken curry using chicken thighs. I removed all the bones, chopped the meat and put it back with the spicy sauce. This was frozen in portions. Goes well with a jacket spud, which we will put on a slow heat while we are up the pub, and we arrive home to a hot ready meal which is home cooked, and very tasty. The chicken curry is so low in calories and not swimming in fat but oozing an inviting aroma (which, when I was cooking it, the workmen outside thought it smelled so good they asked what it was!). I worked out that a largish portion came to around 270 calories. So add the jacket and the whole meal will cost 500 calories. OK that sounds a lot, but it's ready and waiting and much lower in calories than a takeaway. And as you know, after a few drinks, you're starving.

I've just returned from a 20 minute walk to the shop. That will give me another 100 or so calories of energy to add to the bank. We are going to walk to the pub and back (2 miles = 200 cals = 2/3 pint of lager for free).

I will get some recipes on the site soon. And pics - once my iphone updates which is going to take 4 hours apparently! There is an exciting dish coming up tomorrow, as I think we will be having seabass with a twist so watch this space.

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