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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Overspending? Eating too much?

We know when we overspend. We see something we like, don't have the cash, so buy it on credit. Then we spend days, weeks and months paying for it. It's the same with over-eating. See something we like - perhaps cake - go over your daily calorie allowance, and spend days, weeks and months paying for it.

The thing is, we all like to eat treats, but being overweight and wanting to eat something like a cake, usually comes with feelings of guilt. Guilt then increases and before we know it we are eating more. The way I eat now is without any guilt. The freedom from guilt is like unlocking a mystery. In fact, now when I'm eating a cake or pizza or whatever, I know I can eat it, so I really get to enjoy it. I've earned it. We work hard to enjoy our lives, so the odd treat is acceptable and being free to enjoy that treat makes me happy.

When I lost my job I was miserable. Eating too much and putting on weight made me even more miserable. But since finding my own way round the food track, I've also discovered that having something like losing weight to focus on has really helped me become more positive. As far as I see things, I've unravelled my mystery of how to lose weight and carry on eating the things I love. By doing so, I have treated myself to a whole new perspective - and that's a very good view too. I am in control now, and THAT is the most powerful tool. So if you can try and do what I have done, and take control of your life, all you have to really do next is make CHOICES. Choices that you will enjoy. Tweet me with your successes!

If I have to use my credit card, and overspend on calories, then it's usually because I have chosen to, or if not, I take action afterwards.

There is - for me at least - no real secret to losing weight any more. See how I think now. "It's all in the mind".

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