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Monday, 27 June 2011

Is it the fat?

As I said, one of my "rules" is to eat normal food. Nothing that has been changed, for example, a low fat yoghurt is something I do not eat. I KNOW I feel fuller for longer on good old real food.

I have just been scanning the weekend newspapers, as I didn't get time to read them. I was too busy making food then eating it. I came across a piece in the paper about a diet using high fat foods and eliminating the carbs (whereas I am NOT eliminating anything by the way). The interesting bit about this was that it tells me that if I eat fat, I do not produce insulin. Perhaps this is why I am finding losing weight so simple? Going back to the yoghurt - if I was to eat a low fat yoghurt, then there is something in the yoghurt to replace the fat that has been taken out. It is sugar. Sugar does not fill me up and as this newspaper article tells me - it makes me produce insulin! I'm no authority on the matter, but I am sure there must be something to this eating lark.

Here is a pic of my lunch. Quite simply, it is colourful, interesting, very tasty. A ham and egg salad at around 350 calories (more if you count the ham I was nibbling as I sliced the joint). Don't forget to put some salad dressing on, as this will help fill you up for longer. I've added a grating of strong cheese (no more than 5g) using the fine grater, and there will be some delicious spuds from MY garden grow bag once they are cooked. Of course I am going to cover them in a dab of butter and salt, then EAT.

The ham is HOME COOKED. Really simple to make. I can only taste a small amount of salt, but not too much unlike the plastic packages. A little salt's good if I've been exercising. I gave the recipe to my daughter and she amazed all her friends with it, and she said it was so easy to cook that she couldn't understand why no one else had ever done it!

I get a piece of gammon from the butcher. Put this in a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil. Throw water away. Cover again with more water, add usual stock veg, carrot, celery, onion, a few peppercorns, teaspoon of honey, few herbs if I have them and bring back to boil. Simmer for 20 mins per pound. Once cooked you can leave the ham in the juices to cool. Or you may wish to remove, cut off most of the fat, cover in honey and place in a hot oven to crisp up for 20 mins? The main thing is, the ham is succulent and tasty and it'll be my guess that you will be eating this again. Be prepared and you can take tasty lunches to work.

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