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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Preparing and winning

I've been away for a few days and stood on the scales this morning to find I am exactly the same weight as before I left. We basically ate ourselves through Jersey. To compensate for the additional food, we walked quite a bit.

I record my weight loss using Monday morning's weigh in. Taking the Jersey trip into account, I think I will weigh exactly the same as last week or I may just about scrape half a pound in weight loss. I will be very happy with that, as there were NO restrictions whatsoever while I was away.

Normally I will eat a little less from Monday to Thursday, but as this is a topsy turvy week, I am going to be good today. Don't get me wrong, I will still eat whatever I want to eat. I have already prepared my few days ahead, and plan to eat some good quality, full fat, interesting food. There will be some recipes and pics here so you can see exactly what it is I am eating.

I choose to eat what I want to eat. By doing this I never feel deprived. By not feeling deprived I don't BINGE or CRAVE anything, because I tell myself I can have it if I want it.

Today I've just eaten fantastic fresh raspberries on top of a bowl of full fat greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey. Not only is this absolutely delicious and bursting with flavour, but I feel like the cat that's got the cream. On top of that, the plain greek yoghurt can be bought cheaply by the bucket load unlike all those sugary fruit yoghurts out there. If I'm hungry before lunch I will also have some toast. The yoghurt dish is only around 150 calories, and this may not be enough to satisfy me.

Lunch is going to be some grilled chicken and sausages on the bbq if the weather holds out. I'll make a side salad, which is coated in olive oil, salt and pepper. You will be surprised what salt and pepper does to your salad. Olive oil will make you feel full up for longer, and just a small teaspoonful won't break he calorie bank. To accompany this I am going to make a potato salad, with some fresh new potatoes and a little mayo - don't be afraid to eat the things like mayo etc, as they add flavour. Just make sure you measure it all out and ACCOUNT for the calories. As I keep saying, potatoes are fantastically low in calories, and by adding just a little mayo or butter, you will really enjoy them much more.

I've got a roasted butternut squash soup in the freezer, and will probably have that with a cheese sandwhich later in the day. I've got a recipe for he soup, and will post this later. Fresh soup is fantastic and delicious.

I expect to eat around 1600 calories of my own choice food today. That will give me about 600 to put into my calorie bank, where 3600 will add up to one whole pound of weight loss. It's a game really, I love playing it, and challenge myself to achieve that one pound per week. If I don't make 3600 I don't really mind, as this is a long term strategy and I am winning.

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