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Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday crunch time

My weigh in day. After a weekend of fun and food, I was hoping the scales would be kind to me. Was my weigh in good? Yes it was. I am down half a pound. This was amazing. My way of eating is proving to be a recipe for success.

I had been "good" right up until Friday evening. The weekend arrived and I let myself eat and drink anything I wanted to. I didn't count any calories either as I didn't have time and I also wanted to see what would happen if I just listened to my body.

Am I consciously eating less? It didn't feel like it and I ate and drank everything I wanted without any guilty thoughts whatsoever. I felt full for most of Sunday, so maybe I was eating less then? I'm really happy because not once did I feel deprived. There was plenty of chocolate doing the rounds and there was a chocolate brownie cake with lashings of chocolate, and clotted cream! If anything I think I need a good salad to feel normal again (when it used to be the other way round). My relationship with food is finally becoming normal.

My Monday morning weigh in has cheered me on with the fact that during a busy June with a holiday and huge celebration, I never actually put on any weight. In fact I still lost a little weight. I'm now looking forward to July with a weight loss averaging one pound per week again.

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