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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Today's food delights

Wow what a busy day I've had. My food has been determined by the day. I've eaten cereal for breakfast, crab sandwiches for lunch and finally homemade beef burgers with eggs and salad for tea.

The crab meat came from the fishmongers yesterday, as it was on special offer. We fancied bread, so a crab sandwich was in order. What a treat. We shared a pack of ready salted crisps. Now the great British tradition is a sandwich and crisps - I don't know why, but it is. However, since being on our new eating plan, we have found that salty foods are more desirable after we have been walking. Is it just the salt that the body desires? Whatever, we nibbled on a few crisps and they complimented the sandwiches, along with a side salad.

Dinner was a home made beef burger. We ate this with an egg and a side salad, because we had eaten enough bread and just didn't want it again. My partner makes a surperb burger. If you have ever tried making a burger you might find it falls apart as it is cooking - here is the reason why. You will need to buy some lean mince, not too lean, and place in a bowl with some seasoning. Have whatever you fancy. We usually put quite a LOT of salt and pepper in, together with some very very finely chopped or grated raw onion and garlic. After this, just add whatever you like eg chilli powder, fresh chilli, mustard, etc (go for it). Now KNEAD the mixture for at least 3 minutes because this will stretch the PROTEINS and make the burger stick together. There is NO NEED to add egg. The kneading process is the bit that most people do not know about and the burgers fall apart.

We enjoyed a huge burger with a fried egg, boiled new potatoes which were then finished off by frying in the burger juices, and a hugh side salad. What an absolute treat. Oh the flavours. Forget counting calories because this was still under my allowance for the day (on a rough count). I do not believe in being precise about calories on the normal days, as it can drive you insane, and really not mean anything at all. After all, it is only the guide books that tell you 2200 calories are allowed (well for me, being a female of a certain height, so make sure you check your allowance out). But, I cannot programme my body with that figure, so obviously you have to take everything with a pinch of salt - LITERALLY. Just let your instincts kick in and be HONEST. By being honest with yourself you will soon learn what it is you have been hiding for so long.

Most diet classes chastise you for deviating from the diet they hand out. Just remember that this is YOUR life, you CHOOSE what to eat, and you are only kidding yourself if you fail to be honest about what you eat.


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