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Monday, 20 June 2011

Walking back to thinness

The scales are not everything - they do not tell the whole truth. Looking at my silouhette, my stomach looks flatter. So my Monday morning weigh in may be witholding what is really going on.

Walking is surely the key? We walked quite a bit in Jersey. Yesterday we had a good hour walking too. As walking takes up around 100 calories per mile, it is a great way to offset indulgences or speed up weight loss.

Walking also makes me feel good. I feel much more positive. Take yesterday, after a leisurely stroll, with a few inclines, I found myself thinking that this was getting easier. So not only is it doing my weight loss proud, walking is helping me get fitter. The exercise must be increasing my body muscle content, and that apparently weighs heavier than fat.

Walking has made me THINK differently too. It gives me time to think about other things, to slow down and enjoy just being able to think. Instead of being annoyed at not getting a parking place near the shops, I enjoy that extra bit of walking I need to do after getting out of the car. In fact, any small amount of walking will add up to extra calories that can go straight into my calorie bank account. I can walk at different paces too and even pick up the pace to almost a light jog.

Thankfully back at home there are no steep cliffs. Meandering around the local streets and up into the woods is much more pleasant, apart from the beautiful beaches. It's amazing what you see, things I have never noticed before. Perhaps I see more now than I ever used to? Well, I certainly see less of me - shrinking before my very own eyes.

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