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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A fab weekend in sight

After a few good days, the holiday weight gain has now gone, and in fact I am 1/4lb less than I was before going away!! There has been a litle more exercise than usual, but not in the conventional sense. I've been up and down ladders, sorting out the house in readiness for the arrival of my daughter and her friends this weekend. Exercising by doing all the ironing, sweeping all the corners and creating a palace fit for a queen. A very sociable weekend lies ahead and we are really looking forward to it.

Although I have just returned from shopping, and am starving, I already know what I am going to eat. I'm not tempted to pick, because I'm being extra good, especially with a party weekend in sight.

Breakfast was cereals today, knowing that I would be walking around and doing the shopping. Lunch is a simple sandwich from one of the stores, at just under 400 calories. That is a treat in itself because someone else has prepared it, and it was crayfish and rocket - one of my favourites. That takes me half way through the day on around 600 calories. Just another 900 to go - so plenty left for the evening (and that little bit of chocolate I have sitting patiently in the fridge). My partner was at home for lunch and had this chicken salad at around 250 calories (if he has used the new mayonnaise we found made with real olive oil and a hint of lemon), so he has eaten even less!

As I've said, I don't crave things any more, mainly because my rule is to eat real food, full fat and filling, no substitutes (because I will only want the real thing in the end).

How's this for a bonus - the sun is shining. It's lovely and HOT. So much for the weather forecast? Maybe I will get out there and mow the lawn too, that will give me a few extra calories to add to the Calorie Bank. I've just been out and found some really ripe tomotoes and can't wait to eat them tonight. If you have just ONE plant in your garden/balcony, make it a tomotoe plant. The taste is so different to shop bought, the texture is very soft and it is bursting with a flavour that only a home grown one will give. And the smell is something out of this world.

I'll prepare some pineapple in a while, as that is quite cheap at the moment. Sit this in view (in front of the little bar of chocolate) at the front of the fridge, ready to pick at. It is really juicy and does the trick if I need a quick sweet fix.

The days we are good are not so difficult when we know we can indulge later. The weekends creep round quickly enough to help keep us on the straight and narrow. If I think of going beyond my calorie allowance, I make the choice whether to or not. I ask myself if I really want it so much now, or can I wait until the weekend when I've got more calories to spend.

With so much to look forward to this weekend, eating a little less today so as to enjoy it all later seems so easy. I challenge anyone out there to follow this idea and see for yourselves. See how good it feels to let go, have a good time, while in the back of your mind you're thinking - I can have this. No guilt, no shame, but freedom.

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