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Friday, 10 June 2011

And so to bed, with chocolate............

What a long day! I've not snacked much today because I've been out and about, but I'm beginning to think about chocolate which I love. I am working towards just 1500 calories per day (Monday to Thursday) and if I stick to this for at least 3 of these days, I get free reign for the weekend. Today I have been very good so far, and there are quite a few unspent calories in the bank, so a bit of chocolate won't go amiss.

I've made myself a very nice chocolate drink with dare I say came from some posh high street chocolate flakes. What a wonderful way to fall asleep with chocolate lips. I've also got a mini bag of chocolate to inhale. I can have more if I want to because I have enough "uneaten" calories, but I am saving those for the weekend. In fact I could have quite a huge bar of chocolate if I wanted to right now. I always think that while I am aiming for 1500 calories, if I am absolutely desperate, I can go the whole hog and eat 2200 calories and have a normal day's allowance (which equates to a 700 calorie bar of chocolate) and still not put on weight. I'm not calling that healthy eating of course, but I am just being realistic. Sometimes we just need a big treat. Tonight though I am happy with my drinking chocolate and just the small bag of chocolate (because I know I can have more if I want to).

I hope to weigh less in the morning because of my choices today. If I don't then I won't be unhappy because I KNOW I have eaten less than I am actually entitled to eat. And that's enough for me. Goodnight.

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