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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The rectangular beef burger

After a satisfying salty lunch, I really fancied something tasty and meaty. We opted for a burger - home made of course, and sitting meakly between a french stick. Reason. French stick was the only really available fresh choice of bread. It was actually more tasty than a roll which can be quite stodgy and round in comparison. I like french bread, it is crispy on the outside and moreish on the inside, so I thought - why not.

The only problem with the french stick was its shape - it wasn't round. On the other hand, you do not have to eat round shaped burgers,do you? My home made burger mixture (see previous blog)contained some extra garlic, so once added to the meat and onion I kneeded away. I then formed oblong shapes and cooked. These went into the french stick along with some decent salad and grated cheese. No mayo required due to the immense flavour that poured out of the succulent juicy burger. What a fab dinner, despite the disturbing thoughts as to whether it was a burger or not, just because it was not round? Serve with a small side salad and glass of red wine. My taste buds were tickled and my hunger hugely satisfied. Calories? Well, the burger ingredients would amount to 150g of minced lean beef - say 250 calories inside a bit of french stick - say 150 calories. Total honest decent fresh food is less than 600 calories and worth the wait. Do it. Twitter me and tell me you did not enjoy this feast if you honestly tried it. No mayo, no tom sauce, just good old fresh ingredients. Have a good day.

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