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Saturday, 18 June 2011

What would you do without butter

Here is the reason the Jersey butter is just so YELLOW. I couldn't resist taking this picture on the way back to the airport, as it had been pouring with rain and I was looking for something to do.

We had caught a bus to St Ouen's bay, which was empty due no doubt to the inclement weather. So we stayed on the bus and went back to St Helier. On the way back the bus driver pulled up at a farm and paid £1 for a huge bag of Jersey royal potatoes. We quickly followed. There we were with our prize potatoes, and all that was needed was some lovely Jersey butter.

As I've said before, potatoes are lovely with butter, and none more so than the variety from this small island. Just weigh out whatever you want to eat, and add this to your calorie bank. Do the same with some good quality butter to increase the intensity of your enjoyment. You will be very surprised at just how little butter you can get away with using, and the impact of flavour this has. Then add a little salt.

Forgetting we are on holiday is one thing, and having a couple of kilos of lovely potatoes left is another. I'm not sure who was the most surprised as my partner's bag went through Customs. Yes, I made him carry them. I'm sure they have seen it all before! So, what did you bring back from Jersey? Jersey pearls maybe? No, a huge bag of those very very tasty Jersey spuds. Who cares, they are sat in my fridge now relaxing, until they adorn our fish meal tonight. We stopped short of taking back some Jersey butter, just in case the sun came out and everything got a bit warm.

We have some haddock in the freezer. This will be seasoned, covered with egg and fresh breadcrumbs later, then placed on an oiled baking sheet and sprayed liberally with oil. After around 25 minutes in a hot oven (180), we generally pop it in a frying pan containing a little oil and butter just to crisp up a bit. We are not afraid of using oil and butter, because we weigh it out and use very little really. It gives the food so much more flavour.

And do you know, while I can't wait to eat my dinner later, I have no reason to snack, because I feel so spoilt.

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