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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Feeling relaxed about eating MY way through Sunday

It's been relatively simple so far today. I know what I am going to eat, and I have great food to look forward to. I've made choices about what I want to eat, not what anyone else wants me to eat.

I began the day with about 80g full fat greek yoghurt and some fresh raspberries with a drizzle of honey. I was right, this did not fill me up totally. I said I would have some toast if I wasn't full, but instead I had a couple of slices of a sour dough french stick with a bit of cheese on top. I'm not afraid to eat anything any more.

After about just half an hour tidying up in the garden (bit of exercise) I prepared lunch. The sun stayed out, so it's going to be a small piece of chicken about 100g, a small sausage (or two) and I found some halloumi cheese slices in the fridge. The cheese is on its last "sell by date" day, so may as well throw that on the bbq. I was very surprised at the amount of calories in halloumi, so will only be eating a small amount. There is a freshly prepared side salad with tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and mixed leaves, and a sweetcorn cob. These have been coated in some lovely tasting olive oil, salt and pepper.

TIP: You eat with your brain as well as your stomach. Interestingly I found that buying small sausages tricks the brain. Eating one small sausage registered as having eaten just that - ONE sausage. It could just be me, but I didn't want another? I felt satisfied, so stopped at one! Fortunately the butcher makes great sausages, and the ones we had today were only about 3 inches long - about half the size. So that means I ate half the calories.

The bbq was enjoyable, fun and as I could eat all the lovely food being cooked, I felt satisfied. Had I been on a "diet" I would have probably felt left out and miserable. You will see I didn't have any bread, but that was MY choice, as I want to be able to stand on those scales tomorrow and see a little success. If I had wanted it then I would have done, and there is plenty of room left in today's calorie bank to have some.

The total meal came to around 470 cals.

Chicken breast (100g) 90 cals
35g sausage 103 cals
1 Mini corn cob 90 cals
mixed salad 60g 20 cals
olive oil (teaspoon) 40 cals
new potatoes (100g) 88 cals
butter (5g) 36 cals

As the weather is holding up, I'll be off for an hour's walk to take in some fresh air. Walking is easy for me, and I don't need any special footwear really, so have chosen it as my form of exercise while I am losing this first lot of weight and to add some calories to my bank account. As I get thinner and fitter, I have a sneaky feeling this will turn into running! But I will wait and see.  (Update: May 2012 - as the weightloss was so substantial, we felt that walking was all that was necessary.  Strolling has become part of our life and we find it relaxing and enjoyable, and most of all sustainable).

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