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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday's plan

Following a Saturday of eating - where we surpassed ourselves (and quite possibly our calorie intake), we are going to take Sunday easy.  It's another full calorie allowance for us, and as it's one of our "rules" we will still eat well, but we will have less meat.

Breakfast is going to be porridge.  We are trying out porridge to see if it has any effect on our weight loss.  Too early to report, but swapping our usual full fat plain greek yoghurt with its delicious toppings, for tasty large organic oats drizzled with golden syrup - is easy.  Both are equally enjoyable.  I'm now concentrating on having slightly smaller portions than my partner, as I am smaller and obviously need to eat less!

Another good bout of exercise will help our weight loss, and we are thinking of walking for a good hour and a half. Sounds a lot, but once you get going, if the weather is good, it's an enjoyable experience.  One hour walking equates to around 300 calories burned (that's your bar of chocolate if you fancy).  We aim to "collect" calories and add them to our "calorie bank" hoping to achieve 3,600 spare ones over the week which should equate to around 1 lb in weight loss.

Lunch will be a simple affair - probably an omelette and salad, with dinner along the lines of a jacket potato.

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