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Friday, 7 October 2011

Belated weigh in results

We are experiencing a big change in body shape at the moment. Our scales record the body fat % and muscle content as well as the BMI. Both our BMI's are sneaking downwards, and the BMI reading takes its time to reduce. We are both in sight of a normal BMI and this is our first goal. My muscle has increased this week and my fat content decreased. So our exercising is having quite an impact on our internal workings. My partner has lost 1lb over the week and I have lost 1/2 lb. We are both really pleased about this, as we know there is more happening than just what the scales report in weight. I've been cycling a bit more, and we have been walking. We both agree that it is the "easy" walking that really makes a difference. Having fat to lose, the walking at a steady pace (around 3 miles per hour) seems to be doing the trick. When we walked up the Malvern Hills last week, we found this tested our aerobic capacity, and our bodies reacted by initially holding onto fluids (and it felt as if at first we had put on weight). Yesterday, on the other hand, we took a long stroll through our village and surroundings, and enjoyed a good hour in the fresh air. This morning we are even lower in weight again - and once more, we have both hit a new all time low. I can see the fat around my stomach which is beginning to shift around, so I know it won't be long before it has disappeared. Our combination of walking, parking the car as far away from the shops as we can, eating "our" way, and generally not getting too het up about what we eat, seems to be working extremely well. Weight loss is continuing, slowly but surely. One thing is certain, and that's when we eat more on Fri/Sat/Sun - it spurs our bodies on to let go of the weight. We know of friends who are constantly on a diet of some sort, constantly never eating quite enough and constantly moaning about being unable to lose weight. Well if you let your body under eat for so long, it's bound to readjust, as it will be trying to preserve itself. So give your body a boost, give it fuel, go for a walk, eat well, as we have done, and lose weight. Choose the foods you love to eat. Work out how many calories are in them. KNOW what you are eating. It's a simple equation. If fuel in (food) = fuel out (energy), you will stay the same weight. Tweak that equation to lose weight, eating whatever you prefer to eat.

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