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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday menu ideas

If the weather stays fine, we'll be going for a bike ride through the countryside. This will boost our calories for the day. For dinner we have decided to make stuffed tenderloin of pork. Interestingly, the tenderloin is relatively cheap compared to other meat. We've got a few slices of good quality black pudding in the freezer, so will use this, mixed with fried onions and garlic to stuff the pork. We're not sure whether to serve this with a cider and sliced apple, or masala and figs? I'll put the recipe up later. I'm having cereals for breakfast and lunch will be a good old bacon sandwich. We'll need the fuel for our bike ride. It was interesting when we climbed up the Malvern Hills, we started out with a large cooked breakfast, and the hills seemed easier to climb and we didn't ache much afterwards. We think the carbs and salt in our breakfast are the key to feeling so good during exercise. Whereas in the Wye Valley, we didn't eat a huge breakfast, and found as the day progressed our energy dropped and my calf muscles were quite stiff the next day. We're not exercise fanatics, but this seems to be a bonus for our weight loss. In fact, we believe the less arduous exercise ie the steady walking at a slower pace is best to lose fat. This type of walking is great as it can be added to most people's day without anyone noticing. When we explain that all we've done is walk, a lot of people are intrigued - and our slimmer bodies are proof it works. One mile equates to around 100 calories.

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