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Saturday, 1 October 2011


When you have been losing weight so slowly it becomes the "norm", it's quite easy to lose sight of what is physically happening. We've got scales and shrinking waist bands that tell us all is looking good. But nothing can be more exciting and rewarding than meeting up with someone who hasn't seen us in a long time. Last night, at the pub, an old friend sought us out. It was interesting, as she kept commenting on how I (yes - me) had lost so much weight and how great I looked. She wanted to know how I had done it, and what the secret was. She looked at my partner as if he was an afterthought, and said "oh, you've lost some weight too". Now, it's usually the other way round! My partner has lost the most weight and I think it shows more on him. I think men are more likely to comment about his weight and realise that is what has been happening. Very few women say anything to me! Yet our good old friend was openly pleased for us, and very very complimentary to me in particular. Peculiar old world. So I am now spurred on to achieving my secret goal in time for the festive season. It's as if our friend's exuberant confirmation of our weight loss has incentivised us. It's good to get feedback, and if you are tackling a weight problem head on, like us, don't be downhearted if no one seems to notice. It's more likely that they DO notice, yet don't know how to tell you. We certainly welcomed the unexpected compliments last night, and they do make a difference. Breakfast is full fat greek yoghurt with honey and peaches and two cups of tea! Lunch is going to be a bacon and sausage sandwich. We aim to go for a 3 mile walk in the woodlands nearby, but only a flat walk to stretch out our muscles after all those hills. We'll be chilling out with a cool beer and bbq. Meat and salads. It's a full energy allowance today, so we won't be counting calories - just keeping a quick calculation is enough.

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