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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Frozen fruit

I was busy clearing out the freezer, when I came across some frozen summer fruit. Often when we stay away in hotels, the breakfast buffet has a fruit compot, and we put this on some plain yoghurt. So I decided to warm through the frozen fruit, add a small teaspoon of brown sugar to sweeten it up (as it had blackberries, red and blackcurrants and blueberries). I let the mixture cool down and spooned some on our breakfast yoghurt (full fat greek yoghurt). Wow - what a lovely mix, and if you are on a budget - this is perfect. The bags of mixed berries can be found in the supermarket at a cost of around £1.75 for 500g. The small amount left in our freezer amounted to no more than 200g and when heated through, produced quite a lot of juice. We've used about 50g each on our yoghurt. The taste was lovely and juicy, and not at all processed like some summer fruit compotes you can buy at twice the price. In fact, the flavour was intensified by the freezing process I suspect. We'll be using the other half of the berries on our yoghurt tomorrow. Virtually calorie free and something to wake our tastebuds up to.

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