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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

See what I had for lunch

After a cycle ride lasting 40 minutes and erasing 200 calories, I felt a good lunch was in order. My calorie allowance today (being one of my "good" days), is 1500. I've erased breakfast with my cycle ride, so I have 1500 calories to use up for lunch, dinner and any snacks. Lunch is around 400 calories, and was a goats cheese and parma ham salad. For one person - I sliced 4 pieces of french stick and toasted one side. Then placed a slice of goats cheese on each and grilled. I fried 30g of parma ham, and roasted half a pepper. The pepper went into an oven to cook, then placed in a plastic bag to steam enough so I could remove the skin. A mixed green salad well seasoned with oil, salt and pepper was the beginning of the final creation.
I think my eyes were bigger than my belly! I suppose I am just getting over a bit of flu too, but I couldn't eat all of this, and left about a quarter of the dish. The goats cheese is very rich when grilled. The whole dish amounts to around 400 calories -: Bread 220 calories Cheese 280 calories Parma ham 140 calories Red pepper 50 calories Salad 60 calories

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