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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Comfort food

I think I'm getting a bit of a bug. My stomach is not too happy and I've got a bit of a cold. Feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to eat the full on salad that I had planned for today's lunch (my favourite food normally). I thought about what I really did fancy, and of all things, I fancied a chicken burger. With this thought planted firmly in my mind I decided to try out a home-made version, well a bit of cheating maybe, but I was after a lower calorie/fat substitute. I picked up some branded frozen southern fried chicken breasts and decided to make my own. One chicken fillet was 240 calories and 12g fat (which is much better than the takeaway version). It was oven cooked. A piece of fresh french stick, some salad leaves and a bit of mayo did the job. Let's say the whole thing came to around 500 calories. It was very filling, and very easy to digest. I haven't had a "ready meal" in ages, and was quite surprised at how nice it tasted. The salad I had prepared may get eaten tonight, but at the moment I still don't fancy it, so it's quite possible we may make a quick carrot and coriander soup to use up the large bag of carrots that are hanging around. We can use up the french stick with a bit of cheese maybe?

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