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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday weight

Everything is looking good.  We have both managed to lose weight over the week, with my partner losing another 1 lb and myself losing about 1/2 lb.  My BMI and fat content are both down slightly, with my muscle content up over the week.

We eat really good food, and enjoy our own choice of food.  Our main exercise has been walking, although recently we have cycled instead of walking.  The exercise is casual and not too aerobic, and therefore stays at that important "fat burning" rate.  We think this is key to losing weight.  So many people go to the gym, and work at an intensity that doesn't burn fat.  We like to use the calories burnt towards treats, for example, we may have a couple of beers before dinner.  Or this week, we are saving them towards a long weekend away.  You have to remember we are trying to eat as normally as possible while still losing weight.  Walking for me is a fantastic way to burn 100 calories per mile - if you are heavier than me you may burn a few more.  It's my calorie "bank" and I use these additional calories in whatever way I choose.  I'm also surprised at how quickly a few steps here and there really add up.  Why take up a more strenuous exercise with all the health benefits walking can give us?

My partner is now in his final stone of weight loss.  It's a weight he said he can never recall.  He looks good and feels healthier. 

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