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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fitness levels

We are so amazed at how our fitness levels are increasing. This is not due to frantic exercising in a sweaty gym, aerobics or otherwise. It is purely through a steady and increased love of walking. Yes our walking does seem to take longer, but we feel a buzz of energy and naturally find ourselves walking longer distances. Not so much huffing and puffing either. Walking is a free exercise. But today, we decided to get our bikes out for the first since we started our "way of eating". I was a bit apprehensive as the last time I got on the bike I came back looking very red and unhealthy. Well, looking back - no wonder - with all that extra weight on board. We set out to ride on a dedicated cycle path which stretches some 20 miles as its a disused railway line. Before we knew it, we had zipped across the county and completed 7 miles. We rested and returned home with another 7 miles in the bag. I cannot believe our fitness and the ease in which we completed the journey. There were all sorts of people en-route - fitness fanatics, old, young, you name it. Out of our desire to increase our energy, we are finding ourselves actively looking forward to our exercise. Cycling must have accounted for our lunch, and at the moment we are doing a bbq. There's a 150g piece of steak and some sausages to be eaten later with fresh sweetcorn, new potatoes and rocket/parmesan salad. A few glasses of wine to complete a perfect saturday night.

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