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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday meals

The weather is moody and autumn is here. A good old Sunday roast is on the menu today, and that always brings a welcome cheer. This morning I have eaten full fat plain greek yoghurt with honey and some beautifully ripe mango. The mango has taken its time to ripen up, but it was worth the wait. If I feel hungry later, I'll have a slice of toast and peanut butter or marmalade. Lunch is roast chicken with all the trimmings - roast potatoes, honey roast parsnips and a variety of other vegetables. We are also going to try out a new vegetable - the lime green "romanesco" cauliflower. Apparently it is slightly sweeter than the white cauliflower. We enjoy boosting our calories over the weekend, and eating our full allowance. We are sure this boost to our metabolism is the reason our weight loss continues slowly but surely. It's also great to be eating normally with no finicky diet sheet in sight. The scales are already indicating a good weight loss is on the cards for next week. Recently our bodies seem to have enjoyed reshaping, with the fat disappearing quite nicely. I'm seeing definition where I can't remember ever seeing it before. It's a wonderful experience. I'm convinced that slow weight loss is best, unlike quick weight loss fixes which may just be "water". My partner really enjoyed the latest comment in the pub on Friday. It was from a friend he hadn't seen in 2 years who said "crumbs, you've lost some weight - you look 10 years younger".

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