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Saturday, 24 December 2011

BBC radio

Having successfully lost over 5 stone between us, we were pleasantly surprised when a BBC radio programme called us in to talk about it.  A very surreal day followed, and I think we even lost weight in the process!  Joking aside, we really are surprised at just how much weight we have lost, considering the food we eat.  We know our method of eating - together with a little exercise through walking, really does work.  We haven't followed a specific diet, and we have eaten everything we love to eat. 

Here is the link to our interview: 

On reflection, to the question "What were you eating before"...  we were snacking a lot.  This snacking was partly due to our meals not being big enough!  Now, as this year has progressed we have increased the size of our meals, to eliminate the 'need' for snacking.  We realise you can snack for other reasons, but we now know we can stop the snacks eaten due to being hungry.  We've also migrated away from processed food to more freshly prepared food.  Our method of eating is similar to interval training, with spurts of being 'good' and watching the calories for 4 days, followed by 3 days of normal intake.  We believe this really helps our metabolism fire on all fours.  And finally, we walk more - and take opportunities to add in a bit of walking wherever we can.  Take the stairs (that's 10 calories), walk to the pub (100 calories) - they all add up!  Earn that pint (280 calories).

The festivities have begun and this includes lots of wonderful food treats.  I'm putting together our menu list and 'things to do' - and can't stress enough, just how delicious real home made tastes.  Keeping things simple helps, but we enjoy messing around and relaxing in the kitchen.  So we will be taking some pictures later.

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