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Sunday, 18 December 2011


This is a strong tasting dish which we love.  We picked up three huge faggots from the butcher and made some onion gravy to go with it.  The onions were cooked with some garlic and beef stock - and half of it was whizzed up, to help thicken it.  We added a touch of cornflour to thicken it a little bit more.  It was delicious and we ate it with mash, carrots and peas. I'm not sure about the calorie content, but as all the veg was boiled, I doubt the dish was more than 600 calories.  Faggots are made of pork and offal, and they are not heavily laden with calories.  They are so filling, and it was a bit of a struggle eating just one of these...

The last time I cooked these, I had to censor the picture as faggots are not very photogenic!! This time it doesn' look quite as bad, so here's what they looked like:

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