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Monday, 5 December 2011

Turning the volume up!

We are back to our 4 good days, and on these days we concentrate on our intake, and make a point of watching our snacks.  We have some favourite recipes to help us feel fuller, and these also fill our plates and look good too.

I'm having porridge and syrup for breakfast.  Tuna salad, with egg, new potatoes in butter and a little grated cheese.  Dinner is undecided yet.  We've bought a butternut squash and will be making a pot of soup for some of our lunches later this week. 

We are successfully losing weight on our  3 days off and 4 days on plan, where we eat whatever we want but just change the amount we eat.  We don't know why it works, but it could simply be that when we have our good days, we are 'very good' because we have just had 3 days of relaxation?  More importantly, the volume of food keeps our metabolism burning.  Even on our 'good' days, we eat with 'volume' in mind - such as the large, crunchy salad we are going to eat at lunch time today.

Think of how compact processed food is!  How easy it is too eat too - and can disappear in seconds.  I think satisfaction is more than just a quick chocolate bar, and our high volume dishes do satisfy us. 

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