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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday weigh in!

Considering I had a 'bad hair day' yesterday and had to compensate with a curry - which we've not had for ages, the weigh in was good.  Christmas shopping clocked up about 3 miles, so that added 300 calories to my calorie bank.  Needless to say I stood on the scales with a little trepidation, only to find I was 1/2 lb lighter than last week - and have hit another all time low!  My partner stayed the same this week.

The thing we have really noticed about our weight loss, is that it is affected by bread/flour.  When we eat anything with flour in it, our body seems to hold onto water.  The way we eat - which is as unprocessed as possible - makes us feel lighter, if that makes sense.  Only when we go away, and possibly have more bread or processed foods, do we feel heavier and more bloated. 

We had porridge this morning and lunch was a sandwich in town.  Tonight we'll have one of our favourite meals - peri peri chicken breast with salad and new potatoes. This meal always makes us feel lighter! 

As we chip away at the weight, we don't ever feel deprived.  By living with our way of eating, we get to stop and we really want this or that.  We also make better choices - take today, lunchtime could have been deep-fried and calorie laden, but we chose not to.  We recognised we had already had a curry the night before, and wanted to make a lighter choice.  Yes, it can be difficult when you pass the shop and get hit by the aroma, but this is how we are losing weight.  We can have whatever we want, so if we really wanted it, we would have it.  Convenience - that's a great way to convince yourself it's worth having, but if you keep taking the 'convenient' route, then weight loss will be difficult.

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