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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Planning ahead

We eventually clocked up 3 miles today.  That's about 300 calories, but it may be more as it was pretty cold, no, it was bitter, and I think that burns more calories?  We are amazed at our fitness now though, and the hill we had once found challenging (and had to stop a couple of times) is now unbelievably easy.  The only difficulty was breathing in the cold air. Our evening meal was a cheese sandwich and some crisps!

We've missed walking due to the bad weather, and wonder if this will affect our weight loss?  So far, it doesn't seem to be making any difference.  What we try to do is get out for a short walk, even 20 minutes will do.

With Christmas upon us, we have decided to be strict on our next 4 'good days'.  We're pretty relaxed usually, but realise we might need a few extra calories for next weekend.  We can work towards this by planning ahead.  We'll have a couple of 'jacket potato' meals, partly because it will be nice to ditch the meat, but mainly because I bought a 12.5kg of potatoes, believing it was a good deal at the time.  We also plan to have a beef stir-fry because that's a virtuous yet filling meal which we haven't had for a while. Then there will be a fish meal - not sure what, but fish is also very light and filling.

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