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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tempura battered onion rings & steak to follow

We've just enjoyed some brilliant onion rings.  The batter was so light and tasty, and the crunch superb.  The onion was soft and delicious.  Using a spanish onion, these were huge!  Sorry about the pink dish - but hopefully this will give you some idea of size of these magnificent beasts.  Basically take 100g plain flour and add fizzy water - that's it.  Have a look online for the recipe.

I've no idea about calories - as we don't usually eat deep fried food.  What I tend to do in this case is have a wild guess, and hope (by next weigh in) I'm right!  We were going to have just one or two with our steak, in place of chips, but after a 'test' we decided it would be better to cook a few and eat them as a starter, before pausing for half an hour or so and eating the steak. 

Our steak meal will now consist of a good 6oz steak which will come to about 300 calories.  We're going to have a red wine sauce, which shouldn't add too many more calories.  There will be a side salad and a pile of delicious new potatoes (in a little butter).  The potatoes and salad will come to no more than 200 calories.  I'm going to dress the salad with a little olive oil, and some balsamic vinegar. 

For the red wine sauce - dice up two shallots, a clove of garlic and place in saucepan.  Throw in a big glass of red wine and a shot of port.  Boil it up until it turns into a syrup.  Do not use ANY oil at this stage, or fry the shallots/garlic.  When it has reduced, drain out the onion/garlic.  Let it cool and before you want to use it, just WARM (do not boil) up and add a knob of butter. 

We have only managed about 2.5 miles walking today - but that's 250 calories! The weather is not being very nice to us lately, but as we have to do a bit of shopping - I've taken my pedometer with me all day - and been surprised at just how many steps we have clocked up (and how much we have spent shopping...).  So my calorie allowance today is 2000 + 250.  That'll take care of the large glass of wine I'm about to have............

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