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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

That Wednesday feeling

Well, it's here again.  Wednesday weigh in.

It's been 11 months since we started our way of eating.  4 days of being good. 3 days of normal calorie allowance.  It's worked.  We have lost well over 5 stone between us and the weight is still disappearing slowly but surely,

Considering I spent the whole day picking at food yesterday, I am pleasantly surprised to find myself down another half pound since last week.  My partner is also down half a pound.   We are really pleased with this result, particularly as we have not been able to walk due to the awful UK weather this week.  My partner was away the last couple of days, so he was at the mercy of hotel food.  I had lots to do, and because he was away, I ended up picking - a half sandwich here, a plate of chips there.  Believe me, eating like that is NOT good.  My brain was telling me I hadn't eaten much, yet I knew I had, as I was keeping a rough running total of all the foods I picked on, and I do know I sneaked in a bit more than I should have!!

My partner went to a large meeting, and some of his colleagues hadn't seen him since last year's convention.  As he walked into the room, he was greeting with disbelief.  Mind you, men are just so unexpressive so they weren't exploding with excitement, just cooly saying how he looked so good.  A few of the French guys actually guessed the correct weight loss - almost to the kilo.  A couple wanted to know how he did it - what the secret was.  And one patted his own stomach and said he really must get down to a bit of weight loss as it was creeping on and he was in a 'steady growth phase'.  Well that's alright if you're in sales! 

So, all those little half pounds here and there are working.  We are slimming down and I can't wait to see the scales report back a healthy BMI - nearly there!!  The strangest feeling at the moment (for me) is that I can see my shoulder bones appearing.  I haven't seen them since I was a skinny teenager.

Well, whatever happens, with or without walking, we are finding that if we stick to our golden rules, our weight steadily ticks down.  I really miss not having the long walks at the moment, but I am trying to make up for that by racing up and down the stairs, walking round the supermarket twice and generally trying to keep on my feet as much as possible.

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