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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking ahead to the celebrations

During the festive season, we have made the decision to eat a normal calorie allowance each day, we know we have gone over this allowance at times!  But we have eaten whatever we want to eat, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Wherever we can, we have included some extra walking.  Getting a pedometer to chart your progress is a fantastic idea.  You have to believe us, walking ANY distance really does add up, and you can eat more if that's what you want to do with the additional calories! 

Today, in anticipation of the buffet later in the evening, together with the odd drink or two.... we have decided to stretch our legs and go for a long walk (weather permitting) to ADD some additional calories to our allowance.  It's always nicer to do this before eating, as we feel we can justify a sausage roll or two or three.  If we walk 3 miles, we get to eat 300 more calories.  I'm allowed 2000 calories today, being a woman of average height. 

We think we'll be eating salmon with watercress and crushed new potatoes (with butter) for dinner tonight.  Have to see what the fishmonger has on offer first though.  If not, we might make our own fish and chips. 

The pork belly recipe will be posted later, and we're having that tomorrow with crispy crackling, mash and minted peas - can't wait!! Believe me, this recipe is great for removing most of the fat from the pork, leaving just the succulent tasty meat.  It also fits nicely into our daily calorie allowance!

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