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Friday, 2 December 2011

Weekend thoughts

Today has been a good day.  I've manage to sneak in a walk between the showers.  It was only 2 miles, but that's 200 calories for me.  Today I had porridge for breakfast and smoked salmon/scrambled eggs with toast for lunch.  It sounds a bit decadent, but one pack of salmon between two makes a quick, easily prepared lunch.  Cheaper than picking up a couple of sandwiches from the supermarket too.

Dinner tonight - before we hit the pub - is going to be left over home-made pasta.  We're going to use up the 3 sausages in the fridge, fry and slice thinly, then add to some home-made spicy tomato sauce we found in the freezer.  This will then be stirred into the pasta strips.  Apparently, home made pasta keeps you fuller for longer, as it takes longer to break down compared to the dried version - I'm no expert, but that's what we heard on the TV.  All I can say is it is VERY filling, so I would tend to agree.

For the weekend, we hope to have a bacon sandwich on Saturday before setting off on our bikes for an hour.  In the evening, we will have a sirloin steak, but not sure what with at the moment.  Sunday roast is banned until Christmas now - so we will probably have something like toad in the hole, or even a good shepherds pie.  I've finally worked out how to set the cooker, so we can go out for a drink or some exercise and return to something warm from the oven.

Friday to Sunday we boost our calories up to normal allowances, and EAT.  We love eating food, and I think more importantly, love preparing it too.  All that freshly prepared food means less processed food, so surely that's got to be good!  And, if there is anything we really do fancy (like the 3 jaffa cakes I've just eaten....) we have them, rather than end up craving them and overeating.

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