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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday at last...

I've been busy prepping some of my own ready meals for later this week.  I made a lovely beef stew with dumplings.  This is one of our cold weather favourites.  It's warming, tasty and so low in calories (about 280 cals per portion).  We're having some of this tomorrow, with mashed potatoes and other veg.

Today we've been Christmas shopping and started the day with our porridge and syrup.  This filled us up until lunch time, which was a sandwich.  We think we have walked off these calories anyway, because I have clocked up how many miles we ended up walking round the shops!  It all adds up!

Tonight we are having half a whole chicken (to share) and this has been smothered in peri-peri seasoning.  The meat equates to around just £2 - and is enough to feed two.  We love it - and will roast this with skin on.  We also eat the crispy skin too - why not!!  We're having new potatoes with butter, corn cob and a side salad of rocket and parmesan (don't forget to dress those leaves with olive oil and salt/pepper).  You can eat this sort of meal in one of those food chains, and it'll set you back around £20.  The whole meal will be no more than 700 calories and it's very filling.

Before our main meal, we're going to have an asparagus "amuse bouche". Going posh now!!  This is simply a bunch of asparagus, a shallot, some garlic.  Chop asparagus into pieces, add a little veg stock.  Sweat the shallot and garlic then add to the asparagus.  Boil until tender, then whizz up!  Then pass it through a sieve to get rid of all the particles and you are left with a wonderful little slurp of powerful asparagus. We might have it with sage toast - roll some sliced bread - yes roll out until thin, place a few sage leave on one slice, leaving some gaps, then top with the other slice.  No butter required as the gaps end up sealing together.  Cut off crusts to make perfect squares.  Lightly oil an oven tray, place sage sandwiches on and put another tin on top.  Bake for around 20 mins.  It's wonderful with the amuse bouche or any soup in fact. I'll take a picture of this so you can see how impressive it looks, then you can wow your friends - as it's pretty tasty, yet so easy!

Here's our simple tuna salad from earlier this week - just to illustrate what we mean by filling your plate.  Make it look fabulous - make it look filling - make it look as if you are eating lots, then you won't feel deprived. 

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