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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday's food

I made a chilli con carne yesterday, using some minced beef.  We planted a pot of chillies and there are millions of them waiting to be used!  So this might be our dinner tonight, or we may have the other half of the chicken?  Whatever it is, it will be spicy.

I'm having porridge and syrup for breakfast.  I've got a taste for this, probably because it is warm and filling.  In the summer we generally ate full fat greek plain yoghurt with our own added fruit.  As we are not eating that at the moment, I think our bodies are missing the fruit?  I've bought apples, and really enjoyed them - considering I never ate apples before, I find this strange.

If I get time, lunch will be a tuna salad.  I've been having sandwiches recently, and again, I think our bodies miss the crunch of the salads.  So a simple, cheap salad is tuna and egg. 

We think the salad lunches spur on the weight loss.  They also fill us up so much, we really feel we've eaten more than we need.  At around 400 calories for a tuna/egg salad - and that's with buttered new potatoes, I can't promote this easy salad enough.  It is so nutritious too.  If tuna is not your thing, then have whatever is - just weigh it all out and calculate the calories (you only need to do this once) to get a rough idea of what you are actually eating.

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