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Monday, 19 December 2011


I take comfort in the fact that my trawl around the shops means I'm burning calories.  I've usually got my pedometer with me to see what exactly all this means. Well, today I've walked 1.9 miles while I was at the shops.  What I like to do is park up, go to a couple of shops, then return to the car with the shopping and then continue.  Food shopping is great, because we get to lug heavier bags - and sometimes we remind ourselves that once upon a time, earlier this year, we actually carried that additional weight!  All these trips to and from the car adds up.  We all have lots to do this time of year, and this limits time available to go on a leisurely walk, so by incorporating the walk into the shopping, it kills 2 birds with one stone.  Even taking the stairs rather than the escalator adds to the weight loss.  My 1.9 miles = 190 calories.  It works out that 1 mile (around 20 mins) = 100 calories.

If I'm really good today - as I hope to be - I can add this shopping workout to my 'calorie bank' (saving the extra calories up towards Christmas day).

I had porridge with syrup, for breakfast (around 225 calories), a quick sandwich for lunch (say 500 calories) and there's a huge jacket potato ready to go for later.  According to how we feel, we'll either have this with beans and coleslaw, or a salad.  The dinner should be around 500-600 calories.  I'm aiming for 1500 calories today and my partner 2000, that's 500 calories less than our average daily allowance.  So, despite eating really filling meals, we have quite a few cals left to play with.    


  1. Tuesday, 20 Dec - Congratulations on the Radio Bristol interview. Inspiring. (Not sure what time it was on, but folk can listen again via the bbc/bristol web site.) It's similar to what I started earlier in the year. But need to get back to planning meals really. That was a key for me.

  2. Thanks EmmGee,

    We really enjoyed our morning at Radio Bristol, everyone was fantastic. I found a link to the show if people would like to listen:

    Yes planning is a key point. Even if it's just planning in our head as it gives us an idea of what we might be eating later and we get an idea of what the calorie count will be. That way we know if we have space for those mince pies etc.


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