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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday's lunch

Here it is.  I know we love to eat salads for lunch, but at 400 calories or there about, it is one of our favourite meals.  In fact, this dish is so filling, we don't think to eat again until dinnertime.  I looked into why this meal really keeps the hunger pangs away.  Firstly, we have new potatoes with it - we don't scrimp either!  Around 130g of these waxy potatoes covered in butter and salt, really hit the taste buds.  Because we use new potatoes, they take time to break down in the body, so that's why they fill us up so much.  Also, we add just a tiny bit of butter - enough to coat the potato, but also enough to get the taste of it.  This added fat will also help slow down the absorption in the body.  People tend to shy away from using or adding fats, and I agree, if you add too much it's not a good thing, but we only add a little.  Then on to our salad leaves - we coat these in olive oil, salt and pepper.  Again, the olive oil will slow down the digestion, keeping hunger pangs at bay.  We add a little more fat in the form of grated cheddar cheese - just about 8 - 10g each, using a fine grater so it looks more. 

Apart from all the nutrients in the tuna, egg, cheese, potatoes and salad, the whole meal is deceivingly low in calories too.  So here it is - one of our favourites:

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