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Friday, 2 December 2011

Thursday pasta

I've had to submit an assignment for my study course, and as this is all new to me, I sadly neglected a couple of posts here, which I'll try to catch up with.

On Thursday, I hovered on the scales hoping for a new low - as the scales flashed a number it hadn't seen before!!  It didn't happen, but then, my weigh in day is next Wednesday, so perhaps by then it will.  I get very excited at not dieting, yet finding the weight disappearing because of the way we are eating. 

Yesterday we sort of celebrated - my first study assignment was finally completed and sent off.  So we had home made pasta again - just to prove how tasty it actually is.  Believe me, if you can make this, you will never ever eat the dried stuff again (unless you have to of course).

We bought a pot of ricotta - 99p and mixed this with some spinach, added a little egg and salt/pepper and made it into ravioli.   Using some left over sage, we fried this in some butter.  Sprinkled with parmesan and scoffed the lot.  The dish in the picture would be around 500 calories at the most.  BUT....when we were eating, we felt it needed more of a sauce, so poured on around a teaspoon of truffle oil.  What a transformation!!  Ok, not everyone has truffle oil in the cupboard, we have had ours for a long time, but any good flavoured olive oil should do the same.  It lifted the dish perfectly.

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