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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Saturday's feast

Today we are having a good old bacon sandwich for lunch.  I bought some lovely white bread that has been made locally and apparently it helps those with a yeast intolerance.  Not that we think we have a problem, but we have found that when we eat bread, we feel a little bloated afterwards.  It's also noticeable that we weigh more too.  This local bread is proved overnight - and this is the key.  So a couple of good slices of bread and some fresh bacon is all that we need!

The bacon was from the butcher - so much tastier than the pre-packed stuff.  I've mentioned this before.  We trim off the excess fat, and cut this up into chunks and set aside.  Put the bacon in the frying pan for about a minute on both sides - so the liquid gets drawn out.  Then remove the bacon and place the fat/rind in the pan.  Cook this slowly until it releases the fat.  The fat is what makes the bacon taste nice - but we feel it's better not to be eating all of that.  We then remove the fat pieces and cook our bacon in all the tasty bacon fat.  It tastes wonderful.  So much flavour, and you get to leave all the naughty fat bits behind!

Tonight we are going to have steak with salad ... I might make a mushroom sauce too. 

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