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Monday, 30 July 2012

Menu ideas

Breakfast - is usually quite simple - either cereal and full fat milk, or (like today) we take advantage of the fresh summer fruit on offer. I had peaches which were just about to turn over ripe, and they were deliciously sweet on my full fat greek yoghurt. Cherries are another favourite, and they are juicy and tasty about this time of year.

Lunch - we are having our favourite tuna, egg and cheese salad. We share a large can of tuna, add one small egg each, and about 10g of finely grated cheddar. Today I've weighed out 160g of new potatoes, which we'll coat lightly with a little butter and salt.

Dinner - gammon, egg, chips and salad if we have time. If not it may turn out to be gammon, egg and beans with toast. The chips take a little bit of time to prepare and cook.

Tuesday should follow the same pattern - with a salad at lunch time. We've got a few mushrooms to use up so I can see a cheese and mushroom omelette being the way to go. Dinner is a choice between chinese style pork belly, or something from the freezer such as a chilli con carne and rice.

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