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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On the move

Today I was busy and had to take my pick of the food outlets. Being on my feet most of the day meant I was pretty ravenous. There's a startling array of food available, and some healthy looking snacks were, on closer inspection, calorie loaded. I noticed a handy individual tub of nuts contained more calories than some sandwiches on offer. It's easy to eat these innocent looking snack foods without realising what's in them. Size is not everything....

A typical day on the road before we began to lose weight, would often result in many more calories being eaten without recognising it. A fruit smoothie, small pack of nuts and a sandwich can soon stack up as a high calorie option. Pick the wrong sandwich and you could be looking at a meal totalling around 1200 calories. A small portion of fish and chips with a cup of coffee could be less.

So back to my busy day - where I began with cereal and toast. Lunch was a well chosen crayfish salad with a roll and this evening I've ended up with some sandwiches which I bought on the way home. My total calories for the whole day are around 1400 so far. I've got a small pack of sushi to nibble on later if I choose to. It's still a 'good' day for me as I aim for under 1500 calories, despite not cooking and trying to think about what's inside the food outside.

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