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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I had noticed my shoes were getting loose. I was even more amazed when I went to buy a new pair and found I had to order half a size smaller. My partner says his shoes are getting too big as well. It's amazed me just where those extra pounds hide! I've been this shoe size for many years, and am amazed that I need to buy smaller shoes now.

Our weight loss is slow and steady, and sometimes we don't even notice where the weight is going from. This slow sculpting catches us unawares at times. If we haven't seen friends for some time, they can be quite surprised at the transformation (more so than us, as we can't see it at times).

This has to be the best way to lose weight - ever. When we thought up "Our Idea", we didn't intend to keep going for this long, but found it very easy to do, so we just kept going. We've had weeks off, just vaguely following the idea, and it still brings great results. We've gone from gradually gaining weight every year, to gradually losing weight - eating everything we love to eat. A food lover's dream.

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