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Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday's meals

For lunch we're having a tuna salad - one of our favourites.
I prepared and cooked a beef stew overnight. I'll make some dumplings and mashed potato and we'll have this for dinner with carrots and cabbage. I'm sure we'll be having this a few times this week with lots of vegetables.  I like to thicken our stews naturally - without using flour. This time, I've cut a small potato into very fine dice so it will break down and the starch will help thicken the stew. It always surprises me that stews are so low in calories - yet so tasty. It would be silly not to cook them.

We were surprised at our cod and spicy lentil meal yesterday. It was fairly low in calories, and we thought we would be hungry later on. But, in actual fact, we never did feel hungry and continued to feel full for hours afterwards. It was as if the lentils were taking their time to digest? We use pulses quite often, but they haven't had quite the same effect (fullness) as the puy lentils.  

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