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Monday, 30 July 2012

Why the pounds just slip on....

We made excuses; it was an age thing, it was in the genes - whatever it was it was something we felt we had no control over. I gave in to the 'inevitable' gain in weight, as I just didn't understand it. Just a half pound here and there, didn't really make that much difference at first. I would stand on the scales and brush aside any concerns, because the weight gain was so slow and hardly noticeable. It's not as if I stood on the scales and suddenly weighed a stone heavier. As the pounds slipped on I found myself judging my body size against others, and I would pick out people that were bigger than me to convince myself I wasn't big.
My partner steadily gained weight - but was only eating ONE meal a day! It wasn't as if I was eating huge amounts of food or scoffing in secret either, but the weight just kept on going up. I tried convincing myself it wasn't happening by stubbornly wearing clothes that were too tight and uncomfortable. I'd sit miserably in tight waistbands, maybe with the button undone, just to convince myself I had not gone up a size.
When I looked at myself, I didn't see the puffy face, the bulging midriff, the stocky matron. I saw me how I wanted to see me - just a little plump maybe, but nothing to worry about. I look back at a picture where I remember thinking I was perhaps a little overweight, and I am shocked at how fat I was.
Our journey over the last 18 months has convinced me now that there was only one reason the pounds just slipped on - and that's because I ate too much. I didn't overeat on a massive scale, it was a small amount every day - it could be just 50 calories (2 boiled sweets) over and above what my body required. Just 100 calories extra per day could mean 10 whole extra pounds in body weight per year.

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Diets may work in the short term, but I found I never learned anything from them. I always put the weight back on, and for most of the diet, I was either starving or eating something I didn't like. Now, we eat whatever we want, enjoy our food, have lost over 6 stone and finally know how to keep the weight off forever.

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