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Monday, 7 January 2013

After the weekend

We ate quite a lot of pork over the weekend. So today it's been good to eat something different. Lunch was a quick sandwich. For dinner I didn't fancy the (frozen) turkey curry and rice which my partner ate.  I was after something plain and simple so instead, I had a fried egg and these fabulous home made oven chips, with a slice of bread and butter.
Our home made chips are unlike any frozen oven chip, easy to make and delicious. I can't understand why frozen oven chips are so high in calories either - perhaps it's because they are reconstituted potatoes?
Here's our favourite CURRY RECIPE - which can be used with meat and fish. It's light and fresh tasting and low in calories. We made the turkey curry using this recipe and froze a number of portions.
FOR THE CHIPS. I use around 220g of Maris Piper potatoes.  Either parboil for 5 mins or put them in the microwave for a minute on medium.  Then coat the potatoes in just one teaspoon (yes, that's all I use) of oil and sprinkle with salt.  Cook in the oven for 25 minutes on 200 degrees.
At just 230 calories - my home made chip wins. Looking on the back of a pack of oven chips, I can have 135g of chips for 220 calories.  The beauty of making these yourself is that a) they taste superb, b) you can have more than their frozen equivalent c) you know what ingredients are being used and best of all d) they are so cheap to make!!
TOMORROW I'm going to make my favourite lasagne dish for dinner.
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